New for 2014 Trees have been added! 

    Some Dwarfs, especially Maples, Ulmus (Elms), are also listed here.

We have many One-of-a-Kind perennials, shrubs and trees available.  If you are looking for a certain rare plant, call.  We may have it.  (Please contact us if you are interested in a price of an item listed without this information.)




Out-of-the-ordinary trees. You usually don’t have room for too many trees in your environment and what you plant, you may be looking at for life.  If you buy a mediocre tree, every time you look at it, you will regret your decision. On the other hand, if you choose carefully what you admire, every time you see it, it will give you pleasure. As your tree grows and matures, your pleasure will increase.  This is item # 547.5 of my philosophy.  (pics are Tricolor Beech Fagus s. Roseomarginata top left, Cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls' top right, Cornus k. 'Akatsuki' below left, Liquidambar s. Silver King. below rt.)

Planting Trees   Dig hole same depth as root ball (area where trunk flares out and roots begin to bottom of roots), plus 2,” and 3 times the width of the root ball. Many times potted and balled & burlapped trees will have soil above the natural root depth. Before planting, feel down to find the true tree base where the roots begin.

The perimeter of the hole should slant out at bottom to encourage roots to grow down. Soil should not be amended too much; greatest amount near root ball to encourage roots to grow out.

Do not let the roots dry out. If soil falls away from roots, soak roots in water with 1/2 strength liquid fertilizer 1/2 hr. before planting and continuously sprinkle roots and leaves until fully planted. When hole is 1/2 full of soil, water thoroughly and again when all soil is in. Plant in a slight 1-2” depression to direct water to roots. Water in with an organic fertilizer such as liquid seaweed full strength or a commercial liquid fertilizer at 1/2 strength. If there is foliage on the tree, wet the leaves. If leaves appear too dense for root system, you can pick off some of the mature leaves or shade the tree with a sheet or burlap for a couple of weeks.

If you use a string trimmer, make a collar of hardware cloth around the bottom 8” to avoid girdling the tree. If in a windy location, use a guy wire system that keeps tree up and doesn’t damage bark. Mulch not more than 2—3” and keep mulch 3—6” away from trunk to avoid rot and insect damage.  (Ginkgo b. 'Majestic Butterfly' at rt.)

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Legend                                                          Symbol

Grows Best in Full Sun

Grows Best in Part Sun/Part Shade

Grows Best in Shade
Select cultivars of natives to North America

Potentially invasive nonnative in CT area

Climate Zone z


Exfoliating Bark - Some trees with exfoliating bark have immense year-round beauty. Parrotia, crepe myrtles, stewartias (stewartia pseudocamillia pictured above, pic copyright Heritage Seedlings), and kousa dogwoods, (all smaller-sized trees) are among the most exquisite. While attractive as a single trunk, they excel trained as a multi-trunked tree with a wide-spreading base and lots of movement in the trunks. This can be encouraged in a small specimen by cutting back the top to encourage low branching and training trunks as in bonsai or planting several trees together. Please call me if you have questions on training.

 Abies Koreana ’Aurea’ z 5b

Beautiful yellow-leaf form of Korean fir with purple cones that stand straight up. An upright, squatty tree 6’ in 10 years.

TABIKA………………...……………1 gal. $25.00 2 gal. $37.50

zt AcerCarnival.jpg (73022 bytes)Re-NEW ’10    Acer campestre ‘Carnival’                z5    sun     part shade

Species is very easy.  Forms a round, small tree.  Tolerant to many growing conditions, Carnival has a small green leaf with wide, creamy white edges.  We have a 16 x 16 ft. specimen in our garden.  One of the very showiest of trees.

3'  $39 - $47

Acer campestre ‘Pulverulentum’ (Hedge Maple) z 4-9   Same as 'Postalense' except an overall pattern of white splashes, streaks and speckles on the green leaf. A very unusual and exquisite tree.

TACECPU…………………………..1 gal. $30.00……7 gal. 4-5’ $75.00

NEW ’12  Acer cir. ‘Del's Dwarf’

Dense dwarf with orange new leaves and bronze-orange leaves most of the summer.

24"  $37

NEW ’11  Acer circinatum ‘Monroe’   z 5  sun   

A dense, dwarf maple with neon orange leaves, bronze-orange most of summer, and orange-red in fall.

2 – 2 ½ ft.  $39                 3 – 4ft.  $49  

acer conspicuum esk flamingo.jpg (58995 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Acer conspicuum ‘Esk Flamingo’     

Leaves are pink, cream and light green on this weeping, variegated “snakebark.” 

NEW ’10    Acer conspicuum ‘Silver Cardinal’     z 4   part shade

A rare variegated snakebark maple with leaves splashed with pink, cream and green.  A stunner.

4 - 5'  $50.00  

NEW ’10    Acer crataigifolium ‘Veitchii’     z 5      sun   part shade

A rare, medium-sized maple with Hawthorn-like leaves splashed with pink and white.

2 gal.  $45.00  

Acers d. ‘Lemon Lime Lace,’ ‘Gosa,’

Acer japonicum (shirasawanum) ‘Aurea’ (Full Moon Maple) z 5-8     One of the most sought after trees of all.  Beautiful golden leaves all summer.  Slow growing to 10-20’ in as many years.  Stunning, especially when the sun hits it.

TACEJSA… 1 gal. $35.00      2 gal.  $50.00      3 - 4'  $65.00

T-Acer shirasawanum Autumn Moon.jpg (32561 bytes)Acer japonicum (shirasawanum) ’Autumn Moon’ z 5   A newer, rare variety of Full Moon Maple. Same size and habit as ‘Aurea’ with peachy cream-colored leaves w/red tints all season.

TACERJHM…………………...…………2 1/2' - 4'   $45.00 - $60.00

NEW ’12  Acer j. 'Green Cascade'

A spreading weeper with a finely dissected leaf that is red-orange in fall.

NEW ’13  Acer japonica ‘Junihitoe’     

This acer has the smallest leaf form and is a short, stubby grower.  Orange leaves in the fall.


NEW ’10    Acer longipes 'Gold Coin’              z 5      sun   part shade

A very rare, medium truncatum-like maple with gold leaves.

foot   $50.00   

Acer negundo ‘Flamingo’ z 3b-9

pg78_acer_negundo.jpg (32994 bytes)One of my favorite trees to 20’x15’ . Beautiful pink white and green foliage from Spring right through Fall. One of the most beautiful of all trees. This accepts pruning to control size and responds with even brighter pinks and whites.

TACENFL……….…................………..5’ - 6'  $60.00       7’ $70.00

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Abigail Rose'

Variegated dwarf shrub with leaves vibrant pink with lt. green veins.


Acers palm. ‘Adrian,’

acer palm asahi zaru.jpg (53762 bytes)NEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Asahi Zaru’  z5

Green leaves splashed with pink and cream.  Bark is striped pink.

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Aoyagi'

Upright with small, yellow-green leaves and stems, clear yellow in fall.

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Baby Ghost'

Small and variegated with purple-red.

3'   $39

NEW ’14  Acer p. ‘Beni Hagaruma’    z 7-5    sun

Upright maple with feathery new red leaves divided to base.

3 gal.  $45

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Beni Hime'

One of the smallest red dwarfs.  A dense spreader.  Very rare.

$35 - $45

Acer palm Beni Hoshi.jpg (29752 bytes)NEW ’10    Acer palmatum ‘Beni Hoshi'     sun   part shade

Very dwarf maple with small, red, star-shaped leaves.

$37 - $45

Acer palm Beni Otake.jpg (18353 bytes)NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Beni Otake’   z 5  sun  

 Purple-red, strap-like leaves.  Holds its color well, a fast growing, full-size palmatum.

$32 - $39



Acer p. ‘Beni Shishihenge’ (Japanese Maple) z5

It means “red and changeful” in Japanese. An upright tree with white and orange pink margined leaves. A flat out gorgeous tree.

TACEPBS.....................................................1 gal. $35.00

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Beni Tsukasa’   z 5  sun  

 Small tree with rich orange-pink spring leaves.

$30 - $3

acer palmatum brandts dwarf.jpg (8234 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Brandt’s Dwarf’   z5  sun    

A ‘Shaina’ type maple but a better grower.  A dense dwarf with red-purple leaves, crimson in the fall.

Acer palmatum ‘Butterflies’    z 5                          

Small vigorous maple with striking pink, white and green foliage all season.  Wonderful as an accent near a walk or in the perennial garden.

TACEPB…………………1 gal.  $35.00     3 – 4’ full  $60.00 - $70.00

NEW ’10    Acer palmatum ‘Corallinum’     z 5   sun    part shade

Rare, slow growing dwarf with small, bright, salmon-pink leaves in spring.

gal. $47

acer palmatum cotton candy.jpg (132339 bytes)NEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Cotton Candy’     

Newly released, this upright acer has generous amounts of pink and white on the leaves.


NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Crispa’   z 5  sun  

New variegated upright.  Leaves white and light pink, later green with a dark pink edge.

Acer palmatum ‘First Ghost’                          z 5

Lovely variegated foliage.  White leaves with green veins.

TACEPFG……………………2 gal.  $30.00

Acer p. ‘Flavescens’ z 5-9

A beautiful weeping dissectum with deeply cut light green leaves 3’ high by 6’. A beautiful variety near a pond or planted on an elevation because of its long pendulous branches.

TACEPFL……………2 gal.  $40.00       5 gal. $60.00

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Dr. Seuss’    

A beautiful dwarf with orange-red new leaves; bronze, green and light yellow variegation; turning orange in the fall.

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Elizabeth’    

Dense, upright, red dwarf.  Grows fast.  Rare.

30"   $39 - $47

acer palm elmwood.jpg (41048 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Elmwood’     

White and light pink leaves slowly turning green with a dark pink edge on this new variegated upright.

NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Englishtown’     sun

Small upright dwarf with small purple leaves and a dense twiggy habit.

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Geisha’    

Variegated with rich pinks, cream and light green all summer.  A slow growing round shrub.

ReNEW ’14  Acer palm. 'Ghost Dancer'     z 7-5    sun

Semi dwarf.  Variegated leaves with light green-white and pink highlights.

3'    $55 

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Goshiki Kotohime’    z 5    sun  part shade

A dwarf maple with small pink leaves in spring later turning to green.  For pot, trough, bonsai, miniature garden.  

1 gal.  $40

Acer palmatum ‘Goshiki Shidare,’  

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Hanami Nishiki'    

Very tiny leaved, dense dwarf.  Leaves edged red in spring then yellow-green.

$36 - $40 

acer palm happy corallinum.jpg (7182 bytes)NEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Happy Corallinum’     

Leaves are shrimp pink in the spring; summer leaves are green with white flecks, becoming orange-red in the fall.


Re-NEW ’11  Acer palmatum ‘Harriet Waldman’                z5    sun, part shade

An improved seedling of acer p. ‘Oridono Nishiki,’ more vigorous and more pink in the leaves.  Upright, shrublike growth to 15 ft. high with pink, green and white leaves.  Probably the most pink of any palmatum.

3 ft., well branched              $60

NEW ’11  Acer p. ‘Higasi Yama’  z 5  sun, part shade

Upright, narrow, shrublike tree to 20 ft. high with a beautiful 7-lobed leaf with pink and creamy-white margins.

3 – 4 ft., well branched  $60     4 – 5 ft.  well branched  $75

NEW ’12  Acer palm. 'Kagiri Nishiki'    

Variegated upright, leaves green, rose and cream.  Rose-crimson in fall.

$29 - $37 

Acer palm. 'Kasagi Yama’ 

Unusual pinkish-purple reticulated variegation in a small tree.

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Kimache Hime’      

A dense, dwarf spreader with small leaves with red highlights.  Wider than tall.  For pot, trough, bonsai, miniature garden.

1 gal.  $40           2 gal.  $50.00  

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Kiru Jishi’      

Dense, narrow, dwarf tiny pointed leaves.  Nice.

1 gal.  $37  

 Acer palm Kiyo Hime.jpg (23444 bytes)NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Kiyo Hime’   z 5  sun   

Dwarf dense shrub.  Tiny bronze-edged leaves, good red-yellow fall color.

gal. $39                      2 gal.  $49

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Koto Maru’      z 5    sun  part shade

A dwarf, dense shrub maple with tiny, bronze-edged leaves.   Good red and yellow color in fall.  For pot, trough, bonsai, miniature garden.

2 ft.  $37.00 

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Mikawa Yatsabusa’      z 5    sun  part shade

A rare, stocky dwarf with dark green leaves, stacked and layered.

1 gal.  $40           2 gal.  $50.00  

NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Murasaki Riyo Hime   z 5  sun    part shade

 Dense, dwarf spreader; small leaves with red highlights.

gal. $30                      2 gal.  $45  

NEW ’12    Acer p. ‘Okukuji Nishiki’      

Dwarf upright Butterfly Maple.  Green leaves edged in cream and pink.  

$29 - $40 

NEW ’12    Acer p. ‘Okushimo’      

Upright, narrow, vase-shaped with dark green leaves with lobes rolling upward.

$27 - $37 

Acer palm. ‘Olson’s Frosted Strawberry,’

Acer palmatum ‘Orange Dream’               z 5    

Beautiful dwarf maple to 8 to 10 ft.  Brilliant orange-yellow, knock-your-socks-off color.  Needs some shade.  Garden or container specimen.  Outstanding. 

TACEPOD……………………..3 – 3 ½ ft   $90.00

Acer p. ‘Orangeola’                     z 5

A great dissectum with showy orange foliage in Spring, orange-green in Summer, and bright orange-red in Fall.

TACEPO…………………………2 gal.  $25.00   

Acer p. ‘Oridono Nishiki’                        z 5

Outstanding maple with leaves of green, white, and lots of pink.  Strong growing and one of the best.

TACEPON………………………..2 gal.  $25.00               3 gal.  $35.00

Acer p. Oto Hime.jpg (24789 bytes)NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Oto Hime’      z 5    sun  part shade

A dense spreading, upright dwarf with small yellow green leaves with a red edge.

$29 - $37 

acer palm otome zakure.jpg (11576 bytes)NEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Otome Zakure’     

Spring leaves are bright pink then maroon red and pink in the fall on this small tree.  

NEW ’1Acer ‘Peeve Multicolor’    z 7-5    sun

Small shrubby maple with light green leaves of pink, white and sand colors.  Pink in the fall.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $55

Acer p. ‘Pixie’                          z 5

Dwarf upright maple with small red-purple leaves.

3'  $40

Acer palmatum ‘Purple Ghost’          z 5

A small maple with purple reticulated foliage.

TACEPPG……………………2 gal.  $30.00

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Red Pygmy’      sun

New variegated upright.  Leaves are white and light pink; later, green with a dark pink edge.

3'    $29 - $37

NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Royle’      sun

A rare, red dwarf.  Dense, globe-shaped maple with scarlet leaves in fall.

gal. $45                      2 gal.  $57

Acer p. ‘Ryuzo,’ 

Acer palmatum ‘Sagara Nishiki’ z 6-9

This palmatum has a serrated gold edge on the green leaf, can burn in full sun, some leaves have larger yellow areas. Grows 3-6’ high . Good for pot or special place in the garden. This has striking Variegation.

TACEPSN……...1 gal.  $40.00     5 gal.  $100.00   6 - 7'  specimen $200.00

acer palm 'Searles variegated' hoot.jpg (16275 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Acer palm. ‘Searles Variegated’  z 5      sun   part shade    

A new variegated upright with white and light pink leaves turning green with a dark pink edge.

NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Seigen’   z 5  sun    part shade

Cherry red leaves in spring on a dense, twiggy, dwarf shrub.

gal. $37                      2 gal.  $49  

Acer palmatum ‘Shaina’ z 5b-9

A very pretty red leafed Maple with a Dwarf compact habit keeps red all summer. New Foliage brilliant red grows 4-7’ high upright, but compact. Light a fire in your yard or pot - maybe a glazed deep blue?

TACEPSH……..........................……1 gal.  $35.00     2 gal.  $50.00

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Shigitatsu Sawa’  

Dark green veins contrasted with light green and yellow.

NEW ’10  Acer palmatum ‘Shirazz’ pp18728      z 5   sun  part shade

A 15’ palmatum with the most beautiful spring foliage of any maple.  Crimson foliage, fades in summer to pink with white edges, then brilliant red in fall.  Talk about shock and awe.

Reg. $150   Special 10 gal.  $90.00 or 4 ½  to 5 ½’  $100.00  


Acer palmatum ‘Sister Ghost’                       z 5

Small maple with green and white reticulated variegation.

$29 - $35

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Sharp’s Pigmy’      z 5    sun  part shade

Very dwarf, dense, rounded tree with tiny green leaves.   This shouts, "bonsai."

2 gal.  $40.00

NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Skeeter’s Broom’   z 5  sun   

Dwarf upright, dark red-purple leaves.

2 – 3 ft. tall  $39

NEW ’12  Acer palm. ‘Tama Hime’   z 5  sun   

Dwarf, dense, upright, vase-shaped maple with tiny leaves that are red, crimson and yellow in the fall.

$29 - $37

ReNEW ’14   Acer p. ‘Tiger Rose’    z 7-5    sun

Horizontal to semi-weeping maple.  Yellow-green leaves with pink highlights.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $50

NEW ’10    Acer p. ‘Tsuna Beni’      

Dwarf with blood-red leaf tips.

2 gal.  $55.00

NEW ’12    Acer p. ‘Twombly's Red Sentinel’      

Upright semi-dwarf, columnar when young.  Dark, red-purple leaves.


NEW ’11  Acer palm. ‘Ueno Yama’   z 5  sun    part shade

Best yellow-orange spring color of any maple.  Upright, mid-size, dense with red-orange fall color.

2 – 3’  $39                  3 – 4’  $49  

Acer p Ukigomo.jpg (33251 bytes)Re-NEW ’11  Acer p. ‘Ukigomo’  z5  

Upright "Floating Cloud" Japanese maple to 12 ft. with highly variegated leaves.  Pink, cream and white splashing.  Excellent focal point for a small garden.

3 ½ - 4 ft.  $45     5-6 ft.  $55

ReNEW ’14  Acer palm. ‘Yama Hime’   z 7-5  sun   

 Semi-dwarf maple with tiny, twisted, red-pink spring leaves, red-green in summer.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $50

NEW ’12  Acer palm. dissectum ‘Emerald Lace'   z 5  sun   

Very fast growing, low weeper.  Bright green leaves are finely divided.

$29 - $37 

NEW ’12  Acer palm. dissectum ‘Hana Matoi'   z 5  sun   

A variegated weeper.  Bright pink and red purple leaves with cream hints.

3'    $37 

Acer p. dissectum ‘Garnet’ (Japanese Maple) z5

Deeply-cut, reddish-purple foliage on graceful sweeping branches. Best in sun. TACEPDG.............................................................2 gal $45.00

Acer palmatum dissectum ‘Goshiki Shidare’                  z 5

Beautiful maple with pale burgundy leaves brushed with pink, white and green.  Needs a little shade.

TACEPDGS……………………..2 gal.  $35.00

ReNEW ’14  Acer p. dissectum ‘Jeddelos Orange’    z 5    sun, part shade

A cutleaf with rich orange spring foliage, then green with red highlights.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $50

NEW ’10    Acer p. dissectum ‘Orangefola’      

Orange new leaves thru season.  Matures 4-5 ft. high.

gal.  $37 

NEW ’12  Acer palm. dissectum ‘Red Filigree Lace'   z 5  sun   

Slow growing and dainty.  Very finely divided purple leaves, a soft weeping form.

$29 - $37 

Acer palm diss Red Dragon.jpg (30675 bytes)NEW ’11  Acer palm. dissectum ‘Red Dragon’   z 5  sun   

Dainty, finely divided purple leaves.  Very small weeping form.

gal. $30       

ReNEW ’14  Acer palm. dissectum ‘Red Spider Web’   z 5  sun    part shade

Same as above with an unusual leaf pattern.  Rare.

Slow, dainty, soft weeping form.  Finely divided purple leaves.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $50

ReNEW ’14  Acer p. dissectum ‘Spring Delight’    z 5    sun, part shade

Strong growing, cut green leaves edged with red/pink.  Fall color yellow, then scarlet.  Limited

5 gal.  $75 to $90

NEW ’14  Acer p. dissectum ‘Stella Rossa’    z 5    sun, part shade

Low, spreading cutleaf.  Bright red spring; red-purple summer; red-orange fall.

2 gal.  $39      3 gal.  $50

NEW ’10    Acer pictum ‘Usugomo’                 z 5      sun   part shade

Very rare slow grower needs shade.  Light green and white leaves with dark green veins.

2 gal.  $75.00  

NEW ’11  Acer platanoides ‘Curly Lampost’   z 5  sun    part shade

Very dwarf tree grows extremely narrow and tight.  Congested, puckered green leaves and very narrow growth habit.


Acer platanoides ‘Drummondii’ z 4b-9             PIN

Another spectacular large Maple to 35 by 20’ with green leaves with a wide cream border. Elegant up close or from a distance.

TACEPD……       7-8’ $125.00

ReNEW ’13  Acer platanoides ‘Purple Globe’   z 5  sun  

Extremely rare, dark purple leaf form of Norway Globe.

NEW ’12  Acer platanoides ‘Walderseei’   z 5  sun   

Leaves are speckled cream over light green.  Slowly grows to a full-sized tree.

$29 - $37

Acer pseudoplatinus ‘Eskimo Sunset’ Sycamore Maple z 5 One of the rarest and most beautiful variegated trees. A small sycamore maple that can thrive in partial to full shade. Large maple leaves, pure rich pink speckled with green; some leaves pure pink and some with small sections of dark and light green. Pink, pink, pink all summer. Not for full sun.

TACEPESO………12"  $40.00...........3 1/2' to 5'  $80.00 - $100.00

Acer pseudoplatinus ‘Leopoldii’ Sycamore Maple z 5 Full size, fast growing and another beauty. Large amounts of white, and some light green, speckles and streaks on the large leaves.

TACEPLEO…………………...……...4 to 6’ $60.00 - $75.00

Acer pseudoplatinus ‘Patchwork’         z 5

30-35 ft. maple with variegated leaves of pink, white, cream and green.

2 gal.  $40.00

Acer pseudoplatinus 'Prinz Handjery’ z5 

Another sycamore maple with leaves of green, white and pink.

TACEPPH……………....…2—3’ $45.00      5 - 6'  $70.00 - $80.00

acer pseudo puget pink.jpg (12930 bytes)NEW ’13  Acer pseudo. ‘Puget Pink’     

Rich salmon-pink new leaves on this dense, small stature tree.



NEW ’12  Acer pseudo. ‘Simon Louis Freres’   z 5  sun   

Leaves are irregularly splashed dark and light green, pink and cream.

$29 - $37 

NEW ’10    Acer rubrum ‘Candy Ice’                z5    sun

A small tree with pink and white variegated leaves and good fall color. 

2 gal.  $40.00  

Re-NEW ’10    Acer rubrum ‘Shocking Gold’       z 5      part shade  

Yellow leaves bright 'til fall, then turn an excellent brilliant red.  Needs afternoon shade or high humidity for best performance.  25' by 12' spread, good for a narrow setting.

2 gal.  $40   

NEW ’10    Acer rubrum ‘Vanity’                z5    sun

An exclusive offering of a brand new A. rubrum with major pink colored leaves with white and green.  Small plants as they have never before been available.

1 gal.  $35.00            2 gal.   summer  $45.00  

NEW ’10    Acer rufirnerve ‘Albo Limbatum’            z 7      sun  

Irregularly variegated green and white leaves and green and white bark.  

2 gal.  $45.00      

NEW ’12    Acer rufirnerve ‘Aureum’            z 7       

Rich, gold-yellow leaves turning red in fall, slowly grows to a small tree.   Best grown with afternoon shade.  


acer shira Jordan.jpg (5472 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Acer shira. ‘Jordan’     

Improved yellow leaf maple has soft orange leaves in the spring.   Heat and cold tolerant.  

ReNEW ’13  Acer shira. ‘Moonrise’ pp16718     z 5   sun   part shade

New leaves are bright salmon, maturing to gold-yellow, and become red-orange in the fall.


Acer shir Red Dawn.jpg (34718 bytes)Re-NEW ’11    Acer shirasawanum ‘Red Dawn’            z 5      sun  

Full sized shirasawanum with red-purple leaves and striking scarlet fall color.

Red-purple leaves that turn scarlet in fall.

gal. $39                      2 gal.  $47  

Aesculis Hipp. ’Aureovariegata’ z5 

A variegated horse chestnut with a narrow cream edge and cream splashing.

TAESHA………………..1 1/2—2’  $30.00      3-5'  $50.00  - $60.00

NEW ’11  Aesculus hipp. ‘Lunar Patches’   z 5  part shade  

An eye popping “buckeye” with large splashes of electric yellow in its leaves.  Needs some shade.

3'  $50

NEW ’14  Aesculis x neglecta Erythroblastus    z 5    sun

Brilliant flaming pink leaves for several weeks in spring slowly fading to green.  Another summer show of yellow flowers follows.

2 gal.  $45      3 gal.  $60

NEW ’10    Albizia julibrissin ‘Ernst Wilson’            z 5        

Very delicate, tropical looking, with tiny compound green leaves.  Fast growing, very hardy.  I have one in my garden in zone 5B for 9 years with never any dieback.  Large, pink, powder-puff flowers.

2 gal.  $40.00  

zt Albizia Summer Chocolate.jpg (56892 bytes)Albezia ‘Summer Chocolate'



NEW ’12    Alnus glutinosa ‘Aurea’   

Green leaves with a bright yellow edge on a small tree.

$24 - $32 

Re-NEW ’10    Alnus glutinosa ‘Razzmataz’            z 4   part shade

Green leaves with a bright yellow edge on a small tree.

2 gal.  $40.00  

Aralia elata ‘Aurea Variegata’ z 5-9      A small tree to 15’ in time with huge compound leaves up to 4’ long and 30” wide composed of 3” x 2” leaflets. Each has a yellow border that turns to creamy white. In fall, foliage is mauve with a cream border. An all season, strikingly beautiful tree.

TARAEV…….….......1 yr. grafts  $85.00..............….2 yr.  $125.00

wpe2.jpg (72903 bytes)Aralia elata ‘Silver Umbrellas’ z 5-9 A little smaller leaf, faster grower.  Snow white variegation and stunning.

TARAESO ………...1 yr. grafts  $85.00..............….2 yr.  $125.00



T-Aralia spinosa 'V.F.N. Goldstrike' background.jpg (77201 bytes)Aralia spinosa ‘V.F.N. Gold Strike’ z 4 N

This new native aralia has irregular gold variegation. Some leaves with bright gold splashing, some with bright gold edge variegation and some leaves all green or all gold in a fairly even mix. Provides a striking gold variegated tree all season. A V.F.N. exclusive brought to me by a nationally known hosta authority.


Betula pendula ‘Youngii’ z 2b-8

Low weeping birch to 12’ high by 17’. Wonderful architectural specimen at corner of drive or walkway or plant on a low 1 to 2’ mound.

TBETPYO………………………6 - 7'  $90.00

Betula plataphylla ’Crimson Frost’ N z 4

A beautiful new birch with purple foliage and white bark that develops slowly. An improvement over ‘Crimson Frost.’

TBETPRF…4’ - 5’ $45.00       5 1/2’-6 1/2’ $60.00  9 - 10' specimen $90.00

zt Betula nigra Shiloh Splash(1).jpg (20786 bytes)NEW ’10  Betula nigra ‘Shiloh Splash’ pp15105   z 3   sun

Native white-bark birch to 30’ with green leaves with showy, creamy-white edges.

7 gallon 4 ½-6 ft.  $100.00  

 NEW ’13  Carpinus betulus ‘Fastigiata’     z 5-8    

Excellent ornamental pyramidal European Hornbeam.

NEW ’13  Carpinus japonica     z 5-7    

Disease resistant, grows rapidly to form a round-shaped crown 25-30 ft. tall.  Decorated by long, seed-bearing “hops” in summer and autumn.  Needs some shade in the South.

NEW ’11  Catalpa bignoides ‘Aurea’   z 5  sun

Mid-size tree with large, yellow, heart-shaped leaves and large white flowers.

1 ½’ to 2’ whips  $30            2 ½’ – 4’ whips  $40  

Cedrus atlantic ’Glauca Pendula’ z5b

Weeping tree to 25’ with short, very blue, evergreen needles with a graceful, open habit.

TCEDAGP……………..….………….………2 gal. 12-24” $45.00

Re-NEW ’10    Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Amazing Grace’   z 5      sun   

Attractive, small, blue-green leaves on an elegant, severely weeping, fast growing tree.  Leader grows up, all branches straight down, cascading to ground.  Rich yellow leaves in the fall.  Striking accent.

$27 - $37

Re-NEW ’11  Cercidifolium jap. ‘Pendula’  z 5  sun

Lovely tree to 30 – 40 ft. tall with an upright leader with all branches severely weeping.  Small, heart-shaped blue-green leaves turn orange-yellow in fall. 

1-1/2 to 2-1/2 ft.  $40

cerdidiphyllus jap Red fox.jpg (2893 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Cerdidiphyllum jap. ‘Red Fox’    z 5b-6      sun  

A small tree with handsome, small, dark purple leaves in the spring changing to blue-green in summer and pink in fall.

cercis can 'Alley Cat' closeup.jpg (11887 bytes)NEW ’13  Cercis canadensis ‘Alley Cat’   ppaf  z5  sun, part shade N   

An amazingly beautiful new redbud with green leaves with huge amounts of white splashing, mostly concentrated at leaf edges.  A strong growing tree to 20’ high.  Foliage will not burn and maintains its variegation spring to frost.  A real Wowser!

4’ high   $65               5’ high  $80

t-cercis burgundy hearts.jpg (27172 bytes)NEW ’11 Cercis canadensis ‘Burgundy Hearts’     z5  N   sun          

A sensational new redbud with larger leaves that keep their deep purple color through spring, summer, and fall!  A huge improvement over ‘Forest Pansy.’

5 – 6 ft., lightly branched            $65                 6-7 ft.  $75  

Re-NEW ’10    Cercis canadensis ‘Floating Cloud’  z 5  sun   part shade    

Irregularly mottled green and white heart-shaped leaves dripping from outspread branches.  Heavenly.

3 gal.  30”  $50.00 

Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’ z 4  

Small open spreading tree with a layered look. New leaves a shiny red purple. As the season progresses they are slightly subdued to 20’ with deep rose purple flowers. The first time I saw one of these I was awestruck.

TCERCFP…………………3’ $45.00     4'  $55.00       6-7' $65.00 - $75.00

Cercis can. ‘Hearts of Gold,’ 

Cercis canadensis ‘Lavender Twist’ a.k.a. ‘Covey’ N z 4 A small, to 12’ weeping ‘redbud’ with masses of lavender flowers in spring; zig-zag branches and a strong weeping, narrow habit. A lovely accent tree for the landscape.

TCERCLT…..………………..5’ to 6’ $60.00

cercis can 'Merlot'.jpg (52059 bytes)NEW ’13  Cercis x ‘Merlot’    pp 22297  N   z5b   

A canadensis and texensis cross producing a more densely branched and upright tree.  The thick, glossy leaves hold their purple color late into the growing season long after ‘Forest Pansy’ has faded.

5’ high  $65                6’ high $75

NEW ’11 Cercis can. ‘The Rising Sun’ p.p.a.f.     z5     N

A new electrifying redbud!  New leaves tangerine, peach or rosy-apricot, maturing to golden yellow all season through autumn! 

5 – 6 ft., lightly branched            $75.00                      6-7 ft.  $85.00






cercis canadensis 'Ruby Falls'.jpg (144099 bytes)NEW ’13  Cercis ‘Ruby Falls’    pp 22297  N   z5b

A new cross between ‘Covey’ and ‘Forest Pansy’ producing a weeping tree with excellent branching structure, same purple leaves as ‘Forest Pansy’ and very floriferous.  Will have you all aflutter.

4’ high   $75               5’ high  $85


T- Cercis Silver Cloud final.jpg (13179 bytes)NEW ’11 Cercis can. ‘Silver Cloud’     z5    N   part shade          

Small redbud to 15 ft. high with smaller, heart-shaped leaves with heavy white splashing and streaking.  Pink tints at times.  Delicate branching and purplish pink flowers. A scrumptious tree.

6 – 7 ft., well branched            $90                 7-8 ft.  $100  

NEW ’14  Cercis canadensis ‘Whitewater’ ppaf    z5b  sun  part shade 

To 12 ft.  A strongly weeping redbud with small green leaves with strong white and light pink variegation all season.  Great improvement and stronger grower than ‘Silver Cloud.’  Lavender flowers in spring.  Registers 10 on the lust meter.

2 - 3 ft.  $50      3 – 4 ft.  $65

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Green Arrow’ (Alaska Cedar) z 4-9  

An amazing look. I like tall narrow fastigiate trees and shrubs in the garden and this is proportionally the tallest and narrowest of all evergreens. Grows to 20’ tall and 1’ wide with dark green foliage. This is an architectural statement nonpareil.

TCHANGA………………………………      3 gal.  $50.00

Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’ (Alaska Cedar) z 4-9

A beautiful, very pendulous, evergreen tree to 20’ high with dark green foliage and the weeping form that is so pleasing to the senses.

TCHANPE ……................2 1/2 - 3’ $45.00..…..3-4’ $60.00

Re-NEW ’10  Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Weeping Alaska’ cypress   z 4   sun

A pyramidal evergreen tree with graceful, weeping branches and green foliage that makes a handsome landscape specimen.

3 gallon 18 – 24”  $32.00  

NEW ’12  Chamaecyparis obt. ‘Filicoides’ cypress 

Slow growing to 15 ft.

NEW ’10    Clerodendron trichotica 

Green leaf with a white edge, typical flower.

2 gallon  27.00  

Re-NEW ’11    Clerodendron trichotomum ‘Carnival’   z 6    sun   part shade    A small tree with fragrant white flowers in summer, then blue fruit with red calyx and green and white variegated leaves.

1 gal.  $30.00     2 gallon  37.00  


Colylopsis s. ‘Gold Spring,’ 

Cornus x Celestial Shadow.jpg (4414 bytes)NEW ’13  Cornus x ‘Celestial Shadow’  z5  sun  

16’ high x 14’ wide cross is disease resistant.  Leaves have striking yellow green variegation with a pink blush on new growth, white bracts.  Needs full sun for good variegation.

3’ – 4 ½’   $40 - $55

cornus x Stellar Pink.jpg (6695 bytes)NEW ’14  Cornus florida x kousa ‘Variegated Stella Pink’   ppaf    z5  sun  part shade 

Beautiful narrower green leaves with a wide, white edge that flushes pink and red on new growth.  Pink bracts (flowers) with a faint white margin and dark burgundy stems.  Altogether a first-prize package.  (pic rt. courtesy Heritage Seedlings, Inc.)

2 – 2 1/2 ft.  $45       2 1/2 – 3 1/2 ft.  $60    3 ½ - 4 ½  $75

Re-NEW ’11    Cornus alternifolia ‘Argentea’   z 5    part shade

Small, horizontal growing tree with small, white-edged leaves.  A really special ornamental.

1 gal.  $40.00     2 gallon  50.00  

T-CORNUS ALTERNIFOLIA GOLDEN SHADOWSjpeg.jpg (7860 bytes)Cornus alternifolia ‘Golden Shadows’    z 3        

A gorgeous small tree with layered horizontal branching to 15 – 25 ft.  Leaves have a broad, bright gold edge on a chartreuse center.  A strong grower.  Really outstanding.

TCORAGS…………………………2 ½ - 3 ft.  $60.00……………..3 ½ - 4 ft.  $70.00

Cornus alternifolia ‘Variegata’ z 4

Pagoda Dogwood. Another beautiful tree dogwood to 24’ high with horizontal branching and cream-edged leaves.

TCOALVA…………………………..……………..3 gal. $75.00

Cornus controversa ‘Janine’                       z 5                     

Giant dogwood – a new controversa to 25’ with 5 – 7” white flower cymes in spring.  Yellow leaves with green centers.  Grows faster than controversa ‘Variegata.’  Red-purple fruit clusters August – September.  This is new, rare, and eye-popping.

TCORCJ………………………………3 gal.  $55.00

Re-NEW ’12    Cornus controversa 'Variegata'   z 5    

The Rolls Royce of Dogwoods can grow to 35’, about 18” a yr. Has horizontal branching and the leaves have a wide creamy white border. The result is a sun tolerant tree with cloud-like foliage masses and clusters of small white flowers. Stunning all season.

$39 - $45

cornus flor pink flame hoot.jpg (15029 bytes)NEW ’13  Cornus flor. ‘Pink Flame’     

Yellow, green and cream variegation on the leaves, pink flowers.  Very tolerant of heat.

NEW ’14  Cornus florida ‘Red Pygmy’ pp 15219 z5  sun  part shade 

A true dwarf to 3 ft. tall for first 5 or so years and topping out at 7 ft. after a decade.    Full multi branching to form a dense mound.  Deep pink/red flowers late April/May each year.  So many uses:  as a focal point in a garden or container plant. 

1 1-2 to 2 ft.  $45       over 2-3 ft.  $60

zt Cornus kousa Akatsuki.jpg (50619 bytes)NEW ’13  Cornus k. ‘Akatsuki,’     z 5-8

Striking white variegated foliage similar to ‘Wolf Eyes,’ but the flower bracts are irregularly specked with pink!  In the South, needs part shade, especially from late afternoon sun.


NEW ’13  Cornus kousa chin. ‘All Summer’ 

Well balanced white and dark green leaves.  Flowers persist later into the summer.

NEW ’12  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘Angela Palmer’ ppaf  

Rare.  Variegated green and white on a wavy leaf blade and white flowers. 

2 - 4'  $49 to $59

NEW ’11  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘Angelica’   z 5    part shade

Rare kousa with green and white variegation and a wavy leaf blade and white flowers.

1 gal.  $50.00     2 gallon  60.00    

NEW ’13    Cornus kousa ‘Beni Fuji’           

Shrub-like, spreading semi dwarf with small, dark pink flowers and small leaves.

ReNEW ’13  Cornus kousa  chinensis ‘Bonfire’

Cream, dark and light green leaves, turning red, pink, and purple in the fall. 

NEW ’12  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘Champion's Gold’ ppaf  z 5  part shade

New Intro.  Leaves start green, are yellow by mid-summer and turn pink in the fall.  

NEW ’13    Cornus kousa ‘Cream Puff’       

Shrub-like, spreading semi-dwarf that is a heavy flowerer.  Small leaves turn brick red in the fall.

t-cornus k Gold Cup.jpg (56276 bytes)NEW ’10    Cornus kousa chinense ‘Gold Cup’   z 5    sun      part shade

Green leaves with a gold center similar to ‘Gold Star’ but a more dwarf, spreading habit.

$32 - $40 

wpe4.jpg (38903 bytes)Cornus kousa ‘Goldstar’ z 5-9

10-15.’  As other kousas, large white flowers in June, berries in fall. Disease resistant and lovely exfoliating bark. The leaf on this one has a bright green wide edge with a large bright gold center.  Strikingly handsome.

TCORKGO………………..2’ $45.00, 3’ $55.00, 6-7’ $120.00

NEW ’12  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘Greta's Gold' 

New from U.K.  Green with bright gold edge, good red and pink in the fall.

$29 - $37 

ReNEW ’13  Cornus kousa  chinensis ‘Peve Foggy’   z 5  part shade

Very rare kousa with grey-green leaves with a white edge and white flowers.  A shrubby grower.

NEW ’12  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘Kaleidoscope' 

New.  No two leaves are alike.  Dark and light green, white and cream and yellow, white flowers.







t-Kristen Lipka's Variegated Weeper.jpg (26478 bytes)t-cornus kousa Kristen Lipka's var. weeper.jpg (39101 bytes)NEW ’10    Cornus kousa ‘Kristen Lipka's Variegated Weeper’              

Green leaves with a gold edge in a small weeping tree.

2 - 4'  $37 - $45

T - Cornus k chin Laura.jpg (103488 bytes)NEW ’12    Cornus kousa chinense ‘Laura’              

Semi dwarf, leaves are irregularly margined white, turning red in the fall.  White flowers.  


Re-NEW ’11    Cornus kousa chinense ‘Limon Ripple’               z 5        

Rare kousa with a wavy green leaf with a yellow edge and white flowers in June, red fruits in fall.

$35 - $45 

NEW ’13  Cornus kousa ‘Madison’    pp16129      z5  part sun, shade  

8’ tall x 10’ wide.  A rare new kousa.  New growth turns to bright yellow and then red in July/August followed by a rainbow of colors in fall. 

2 ½’ to 3’   limited   $55

Cornus kousa ‘Radiant Rose,’              z 4                            

Considered the best pink flowering kousa dogwood .  Large red/pink flowers in June to mid to late July.  New leaves and stems have red coloration and fall color is red.  Superior in leaf and flower to ‘Satomi.’

TCORKRR…………………………4'  $50.00     5 -6 ft.  $60 - $70.00 

NEW ’12    Cornus kousa chinense ‘Samaritan'              

Green and cream leaves, white flowers.  Looks good all summer and very hardy. 

Tree - Cornus kousa chin. Snowboy hncsnowb.jpg (184923 bytes)Cornus kousa ‘Snowboy’ z 5-9

This variety is disease resistant as are all kousa dogwoods.  To 12’, with white flowers in June. The leaf of Snowboy has a very wide edge that shows a lot of strong pink Spring and Fall.  Best in light shade. This one is stunning.

TCORKSN……..16 - 24” $40.00…25-30"’ $60.00...3-4 ft. full $85.00...7 - 8' specimen $250.00

cornus k 'summer fun' hoot.jpg (18694 bytes)ReNEW ’13    Cornus kousa chinensis ‘Summer Fun'             

Larger green and pure white leaves.  White flowers on this fast grower.

zt Cornus kousa Summer Gold.jpg (506393 bytes)NEW ’11  Cornus kousa ‘Summer Gold’  z 5  part shade

An outstanding new variegated kousa grows 8 – 10 ft. tall by 5 – 6 ft. wide.  Upright full growth pattern with green leaves with wide gold margins all season.  Fall foliage purple and pink. 

1–2 ft.  $35       2-3 ft.  $45        3-4 ft.   $60        4-5 ft.  $75          5-6 ft.  $90    All sizes well branched.  

Cornus kousa ‘Sunsplash’             z 4                            

A beauty.  Wide, yellow gold edges on medium green leaves.  To 15’ high by 10’ wide.  White flowers in June, large red berries in fall.  As other kousas, develops beautiful exfoliating bark when mature.  One of the brightest kousas available.

TCORKSU…………2 '  $45.00     3 – 4 ft. $60.00 - $70.00   6' - 7'  $125.00

NEW ’10    Cornus kousa ‘Tricolor’               z 5    sun            part shade

Large leaf with yellow and white borders and a handsome, wide streaky edge.  

2 gal. $45.00

Cornus kousa ‘Trisplendor,’ 

NEW ’11  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘White Dust’   z 5  part shade

Unusual, suffused, mottled variegation of cream, light green and dark green.

2 - 3'  $37 - $45

NEW ’12  Cornus kousa  chinense ‘White Duster’   

T-Kousa Wolfeye final.jpg (144072 bytes)Cornus kousa ‘Wolfeye’ z 5-9

A small tree to 10-15’. All kousas have beautiful exfoliating bark when mature, large red berries in fall, and large flower bracts in June. Wolfeye’s flowers are white and the elongated leaves have a crisp white edge. This beauty is sun resistant.

TCORKWO…1 gal.  $30.00   2 gal. $40.00,    3’ $60.00,    6’ - 7' full $150.00

NEW ’11  Cornus kousa x florida ‘Celestial Shadow’   z 5  part shade

Rare new variegated hybrid dogwood with green and yellow leaves.  Fully anthracnose-free.

2 - 3'  $32 - $40

NEW ’11  Cornus mas ‘Variegata’   z 5  N     ,

Variegated cornelian cherry. A native understory shrub or small tree.   Small, yellow flowers in spring before the leaves come out, then white bordered dogwood leaves.  Edible bright red fruit. A lovely shade tree.

gal.  $39.00     2 gallon  47.00  

NEW ’11  Cotinus  coggygria ‘Black Velvet’  z 5  sun

A new variety of smokebush, darker purple than other cotinus and more floriferous.  Grow as a shrub or small tree or pollard.  Striking.

1-1/2 ft.   $12             2-3 ft.  $16

Cotinus coggyria ‘Golden Spirit’                        z 5

Brilliant gold foliage on a small round tree.  Grey-pink flower plumes June through August.

TCOTCGS………………………….2 gal.   $35.00           3 gal. 2-½ ft.   $45.00

Cotinus coggygria ‘Royal Purple’ (Royal Purple Smokebush) z5-9

Showy 6-8” plumes change from grayish to pink from June into Aug. Deep purple-red foliage makes this one stand out! Virtually pest free. 10-15’ tall and wide when mature.

TCOTCRP............................1 gal.  $25.00................ 2 gal. $35.00

NEW ’12  Cotoneaster apiculata  hi-graft  

Weeping evergreen with tiny, glossy leaves.  White flowers make way for bright red fruit.


Cryptomeria jap. ‘Sekkan Sugi’                      z 5b

Evergreen Japanese cedar.  Green foliage with yellow tips.  Lovely.

TCRYJSUSU…………………………..2 gal.  $22.00

NEW ’12  Davidia i. 'Sonoma’  

Rare.  This Dove Tree "flowers" huge white bracts 9 inches long for weeks at the early age of 2 - 3 years!

Re-NEW ’12    Disanthus cercidifolius ‘Ena Nishiki’            z 5   sun      part shade

Large shrub or small tree with redbud-like light green leaves with a white edge.   Spectacular fall color.  Small red-purple flowers in late fall.  Witch hazel family.

$29 - $37 

NEW ’12  Fagus grand. ‘Diamond Bark’  

First offering.  Diamond-shaped patches on a mature tree.


Fagus sylvatica ‘Ansorgei’              z 4

Dwarf beech with narrow purple leaves.

TFAGSA…………………………….2 gal.  $35.00           3 gal.  $45.00  

Fagus s. ‘Asplenifolia,’ ’Aurea Pendula,’

Fagus sylvatica ‘Cockleshell’        z 4

Med. sized upright tree.  Small, round leaves turning orange in the fall.

2'  $37

NEW ’12  Fagus syl.  ‘Dawyckii Gold’ 

Columnar with yellow new growth.  Underside of leaves is green.

2'  $37

Fagus sylvata dawyckii ‘Purpurea’ z 5            

A narrow columnar  form of beech with purple leaves all season to 30’ high by 12’ wide.

TFAGSDP………………...………………………..2-3’  $55.00

Fagus sylvatica ‘Luteo Variegata’ z 5

European beech with leaves bordered with a yellow edge.

TFAGSLU…………………..…2 gal. $40      3 - 4'  $50.00 - $60.00

Fagus sylvatica ‘Mercedes’            z 4

Super dwarf beech to 2 ft. high with tiny leaves.

TFAGSM…………………………….2 gal.  $50.00

NEW ’13    Fagus sylvatica ‘Plaswijk’          

New, slender branched columnar has purple leaves like ‘Dawycki.’

Re-NEW ’11  Fagus syl.  ‘Purple Fountain’  z 5  sun

A severely weeping narrow beech grows fast  to 35 ft. high and only 8 ft. wide.  Branches grow straight down.  Deep purple leaves all season.  A striking centerpiece or accent.

3-4 ft.   $45                 4-5 ft.  $55

Re-NEW ’12  Fagus sylvatica ‘Red Obilisk’   z 5  sun

Narrow column with dark purple leaves with undulating leaf blades.

gal.  $35.00     2 gallon  45.00

NEW ’12  Fagus syl.  Rhanii Aurea' 

NEW ’13    Fagus sylvatica ‘Rohanii Gold’     z5 sun        

Wavy crenate with yellow leaves on a dense upright.  

Fagus syl. Roseomarginata Heritage seeds.jpg (86036 bytes)ReNEW ’14  Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’  Tri-color Beech  z5     

One of the most beautiful trees in the world.  Leaves of dark purplish green, bright pink and white with the handsome grey bark and stately growth of beech trees.  Scrumptious.  pic copyright Heritage Seedlings

2 - 3 ft. $45       3 - 4 ft. $65        4 - 5 ft. $80   5 – 6 ft. $95   7 – 8 ft. $150   8 – 9 ft. $160

fagus sylvatica striata.jpg (163030 bytes)NEW ’13    Fagus sylvatica ‘Striata’             

Bright green leaves with dark green lines radiating outward from the midrib.  


NEW ’11  Fagus sylvatica ‘tortuosa pupurea’   

Horizontal, undulating branches on a small tree.  Dark puple leaves.

$32 - $37 

Franklinia alatamaha ‘Ben Franklin Tree’      z 6                    

3” fragrant white camellia-like flowers in late July continue into August and sometimes Sept.  Glossy dark green leaves turn to orange-red in fall.  A small native tree 15 to 20 ft. high by 12 to 15 feet wide, now extinct in the wild.  Plant in moist, well-drained soil in part shade away from strong winds.  Exquisite.

TRANAL…………………………3 1/2 - 4'  5 gal.  $60.00  

Fraxinus Pennsylvania ‘Variegata’          z 4                            

A beautiful smaller slower growing ash to 25 ft. tall by 15 – 20 ft. wide.  Many small branches and a smaller leaf with wide, white margins.  Non fruiting and leaves so small they simply disappear after they fall. 

TFRAPV…………………………………….5 – 6’  $50.00 - $60.00

ginkgo biloba majestic butterfly.jpg (5491 bytes)NEW ’13    Ginkgo biloba ‘Majestic Butterfly’   

A variant of ‘Jade Butterfly’ with variegated, bright yellow leaves.

ReNEW ’13    Ginkgo biloba ‘Ross Moore’    z 5    sun

Weeping ginkgo with an upright leader and downward arching branches. 

3 gal.  $55

Ginkgo biloba ’Summer Rainbow’ z 4 A new variegated ginkgo. This one has a leaf that is split in two down the middle and the stripes become more golden in summer, whereas in ‘Sunstream,’ the gold lightens to cream.

TGINBSR………………...1 1/2’ - 2'  $85        3—3 1/2’ $100 - $150

Ginkgo biloba ‘Sunstream’                     z 5

We have not had these for several years.  Gold and green variegated leaves.

TGINBSUNS……………………………  $35.00               2 gal.  $45.00    

ginkgo b weeping wonder.jpg (22577 bytes)NEW ’13    Ginkgo biloba ‘Weeping Wonder’        

Semi-weeping with unusually shaped leaves – some normal, some rolled, some twisted and string-like.

NEW ’11  Ginkgo biloba ‘Witches Broom’   z 5  sun

Dwarf ginkgo with a compact, well-branched form. 

gal.  $32

NEW ’14    Gleditsia ‘Ruby Lace’    z-5    sun

Purple compound leaves all season.

2 gal.  $39     3 gal.  $55

hamamelis virginiana lemon lime.jpg (3892 bytes)NEW ’13  Hamamelis virginianum ‘Lemon Lime’    

2 to 2 ½’ ft.  $75   extremely rare and not in trade  

Hibiscus s. ‘Sugar Tip’ p.p.a.f.         z 5

Creamy white bordered blue-green foliage and scrumptious pink fully opening double flowers in late Summer.  Grows to 10 feet high.

2 qt.  $10.00              gal.  $14.00

NEW ’11  Ilex peduncolosa ‘Frosty Morn’  z 5  sun

Evergreen, smooth edge, large, deep glossy green leaf with a broad cream edge.  Can grow to 15 ft.

3 – 4 ft.  $35

NEW ’11  Juniperus rigida ‘Pendula’  z 4  sun

Forms a leader growing slowly to 25 ft. with all branches hanging down like the mosses hanging from trees in southern gardens.  Showy brown to blue fruits.  2 would make a great arch over a pathway. 

7 to 8  ft. tall    $55

Laburnum watereri 'Sunspire'

Uncommon uniform columnar gives a heavy display of yellow panicles.

5 - 6'  $47 

larix decidua horstmann's recurva.jpg (50532 bytes)NEW ’13    Larix decidua ‘Horstmann’s recurva’   

Twisted weeping branches, small to medium sized tree, gold in the fall.


Larix eurolepsis 'Varied Directions' 

Larix kaempferi ‘Diana’                         z 4                   

This larch is every bit as twisted and contorted as Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick.  It makes a spectacular specimen with or without foliage.  Adds an oriental or “quirky” look to the garden.

TLARKDI….…..........................................................2 - 2 1/2'   $60.00 

NEW ’11  Liquidamber a. ‘Burgundy Flush’   z 5  sun

Full sized tree with 3-lobed, dark burgundy leaves.  Orange fall color.

gal.  $39.00     2 gallon  49.00  

 Re-NEW ’11  Liquidamber s. ‘Gold Beacon’ z 5  sun

Medium tree with maple-like green leaves that emerge light green and quickly change to a gold color that lasts to fall, then to red-orange.  Roots more adaptable than maples. 

2 ½ to 3 ½  ft.   $40 – 45

liquidambar s golden treasure.jpg (10673 bytes)ReNEW ’13    Liquidambar s. ‘Golden Treasure’   z 5  sun, part shade

Small leaves that have light and dark green centers and wide gold edges on this native tree.

ReNEW ’13  Liquidamber sty. ‘Naree’   z 5  sun

Medium-sized tree with pure yellow leaves that turn red in the fall.



liquidambar s Silver King.jpg (87253 bytes)Re-NEW ’11  Liquidamber s. ‘Silver King’  z 5  sun  part-shade

Beautiful medium tree with maple-like green leaves with a wide, white edge.  Fall colors:  rose and gold.  Moderate growing, hardy, and root tolerant.   This is a treasure.

1 – 2 ft.  $37               2 ½ to 4 ft.   $45 - $55  

pg82v_liquidamber_si_variegata.JPG (40536 bytes)Liquidamber styracifolia ‘Variegata’ (Sweet Gum) z 5b at least 9

I have had 2 planted in my garden for 4 yrs. and they are treasures. Maple like leaves start green and gradually change to more and more golden cream areas. By midsummer they have major cream-gold areas. In early fall, pink starts building up then red. Fall is glorious. Technicolor in this tree.

TLIQSVA……3 gal. 30-36" $45.00……...4-5’ $60.00....6 - 7' $75.00


NEW 12    Liquidambar s. ‘Worplesdon Variegata’             z 5

Very rare.  Semi-dwarf.   Leaves are yellow, cream and 2 shades of green.

Magnolia x ‘Butterflies’ z 5b - 9

Large 3-4” deep yellow flowers starting at a young age up to 80 blossoms on a 6’ tree.

TMAGXBU……………2 gal. $35.00, 3 ft. $50.00, 4 - 5 ft. $60.00

Magnolia ‘Golden Gift’                  z5           

A wonderful new dwarf magnolia to 7-10 ft. with vivid yellow flowers that open at different times over a month-long period.  Floriferous and multi-useful.

TMAGGG………………………….……...2—4’  $50—$75

NEW ’13  Magnolia virginiana ‘Moonglow’  pp12065     3-9

Will grow to 5 ft and bloom within 2-3 years!  Grows quickly and blooms young, plus hardy to –33 degrees F.  Lemon-fragrant blooms over a long period in late spring.

Magnolia ’Yellowbird’ z5

A medium upright tree with deep yellow flowers. One of the best yellow magnolias.

TMAGYB…………..……2 - 3'  $30.00             4 - 5'  $45.00  - $55.00

Magnolia sieboldii, 

Metasequoia g. ‘Dawn Redwood’ z 4-9

Beautiful specimen deciduous conifer with soft feathery foliage that can grow to 100’. Even though it can grow 4-5’ a year, it is a magnificent, quality tree. I enjoy the thick buttressed trunk base and winter outline.

TMETGDR......2-2½’ $30.00....3  - 4’ $40.00    5+  $55.00   6-7'  $65-$75.00

Metesequoia g. ‘Gold Rush’               z 5-9                   

A stunning new dawn redwood with sparkling gold foliage that lasts all season.  Will be a focal point in your garden.

TMETGGORU……1 gal.  $40.00           4 gal.  $70.00

NEW ’12  Metasequoia g. ‘Ogon’  z 4-8 

Feathery, bright gold foliage on an upright pyramidal to 30 ft. at maturity. 

2 ½’ to 3’   limited   $55

metasequoia glyp snow flurry.jpg (10123 bytes)NEW ’13    Metasequoia glyp. ‘Snow Flurry’

Outer leaves are yellow green with white tips.  Becomes a regular sized redwood.

Morus Alba ’Paper Doll’ z5 

An ornamental mulberry with cut foliage with 2-tone variegation. Grows to 10-12 ft. Highly ornamental.

TMORAPD………………3-4 ft. $40.00           5-6 ft. $50.00 - $60.00

Morus a. ‘Ho-O,’  

Nyssa s. ‘Lamplighter,’ ‘Jolly,’

NEW ’11  Nyssa sylvatica ‘Sherries' Cloud’   z 5  sun

A beautiful new sweet gum with green leaves with a broad white edge.


NEW ’10    Nissa sylvatica ‘Wildfire’ Black Tupelo            z 4   sun

Nyssas have beautiful fall foliage and this variety is one of the best forms.  Red new leaves in spring and all new growth all summer is red.

2 gal.  $40.00

NEW ’10    Nissa sylvatica ‘Zydeco Twist’ z 4   sun

A low mounding form with twisted branches and wonderful fall color.

2 gal.  $39.00  


Re-NEW ’12  Parrotia pers. ‘Lamp Lighter’   z 5  sun

This is an outstanding small tree as are all parrotias.  Wonderful exfoliating bark, red flowers in spring and wild, strong variegation in leaves; some white and cream with light green splashing and some with a broad, white edge. All leaves are small and have a sheen.  Because of the beautiful bark of all parrotias, I prefer training as a multiple trunk.

gal.  $45     2 gallon  $55.00

Parrotia persica ‘Persian Lace’                 z 5

Another lovely tree with showy exfoliating bark and green and white variegated foliage.


NEW ’10    Parrotia persica ‘Ruby Vase’            z5     sun

Upright grower with the beautiful exfoliating bark of all parrotias plus consistent red new growth spring through summer.

2 gal.  $55.00  

Parrotia persica ’Select’ z 4

Same as ‘Vanessa’ except growth habit low and wide.

TPARPS…………………………………….………...2—3’ $45.00

Parrotia persica ’Vanessa’ z 4

An all season treasure. Handsome, small foliage that emerges red/purple and, in this cultivar, keeps a rosy red ring around the leaves all season. Fall color is a mix of bright yellow, orange, and red. Small red flowers and, all year exfoliating bark of grey, beige, tan, green and brown patchwork. Truly lovely. ‘Vanessa’ is more upright than ‘Select.’

TPARPV………………...………….....……………..3-4’ $60.00

Re-NEW ’10    Parrotia persica pendula ‘Kew’s Form’ z5     sun

Rare low spreading form.  Beautiful exfoliating bark rivals stewartias.  Small leaves, great fall colors.

2 gal.  $39.00


zt Prunus p.Bon Fire.jpg (139154 bytes) NEW ’10    Dwarf Peach ‘Bonfire’           z 5       sun

A dwarf 4 ½ ft x 4 ½ ft peach starts with masses of pink flowers that cover the stems in spring then covers itself with 6 to 8-inch long red-purple leaves that are truly spectacular.  Clusters of small peaches add to the show.  Great in the garden or on the patio in a pot.

2’ to 3 ½’ full    $75.00 - $90.00


picea orientalis skylands.jpg (81970 bytes)Picea orientalis ‘Skylands’ z 5

A small-needled upright spruce with bright gold needles all year. In some warmer zones, full sun may burn needles and you will have to provide it with light shade.  Semi-dwarf

Candling   You can shorten candles as much as 2/3 to promote a fuller or more compact plant. In spring, when new candles elongate, hold candle below area where you want it to break off with one hand and above with other hand. Twist upper hand and the candle will break off. The needles will grow out over the break and new buds will form at the break and all will look natural.

Pinus densiflora ‘Cesarini’s Variegated’ z 4

A new Japanese red pine to 20’ that has brighter variegation than ‘Oculis Draconis’! Even variegated every year out west and much brighter in the east.

TPINDCV………………..……………………gal. $35        2 gal. $45

Pinus parviflora ‘Tani Mani Uke’      z 5b                        

This Japanese white has a strong white variegation in the dark green needles.  Another great feature plant.

TPINPTMU………………...…………………..4 yr. low grafts  $75.00  

Pinus sylvestris ‘Gold Coin’ z 3 

A dwarf pyramidal scotch pine to 6-8’ high with bright yellow foliage in summer, more golden in winter. Another evergreen magnet in the garden.

TPINSGC…………….……… 3 yr. grafts $50.00     4 yr.  $60.00

Pinus sylvestris ‘Greg’s Friend’ z 3 

A full size scotch pine, grows 16” a year. Green leaves with creamy white variegation. Rare.

TPINSGF……….limited…………...1 gal. $45       2 gal. $55

Pinus sylvestris ‘Greg’s Variegated’ z 2

Same as above with creamy yellow variegation.

TPINSGV……….limited…………...1 gal. $45      2 gal. $55

NEW ’13  Pinus wallichiana ‘Zebrina’   

Six-inch, blue green needles banded gold and white on this fast-growing, broad pyramid.  

pyrus salicifolia pendula.jpg (118214 bytes)NEW ’13  Pyrus salicifolia ‘Pendula’   

A very hardy, broad-mounding, weeping pear with silver leaves like a willow.  White flowers in spring.


T-Quercis Pinnetifada.jpg (19245 bytes)Quercus dentata ‘Pinnatifida’    z  5 – 7     Fern Leaf Emperor Oak.  Very rare Japanese oak with large, fern-like leaves cut back to the vein. In time, develops a soft, lacy crown.  A ‘zen experience.’

TQUEDP…………………………..2 – 3 ft.  $70.00


NEW ’12    Quercis robar 'Argenteo Marginata'              z5     sun

Variegated green and white, fast grower.  Openly branched oak.

$27 - $37

quercis robur concordia.jpg (74888 bytes)ReNEW ’13  Quercus robur. ‘Concordia’ z5     sun   

Rich yellow leaves all season.  Slow growing to full size oak.

NEW ’12    Quercis robur 'Furst Schwarzenburg'              z5     sun

Rare.  New leaves dark green, 2nd flush mottled light grey and white.


quercus robur Irtha.jpg (8865 bytes)NEW ’13  Quercus robur. ‘Irtha’   

Leaves are irregularly lobed in various shapes and lightly spotted white.

NEW ’10    Quercis rubra ‘Aurea’  English Oak              z5     sun

Full size "red oak" with bright yellow leaves turning red in fall. 

$37 -  $45.00   

NEW ’12    Quercis rubra ‘Argeneomarginata’  English Oak  







Robina pseudocacia ‘Frisia’ z 4b-9

One of my favorite trees. Fast grower to 30’ high. Small compound leaves are golden yellow all season and at times, when the sun is on it and even in the evening it, seems to glow. Good in front of evergreens or woods. I have several planted.


robinia pseudo karolina zamoyska.jpg (8239 bytes)NEW ’13  Robinia pseud. ‘Karolina Zamoyska’   

Very rare marbled variegation of yellow and white.  


T-ROBINIA TWISTY-BARKjpeg.jpg (28478 bytes)Robinia pseudocacacia ‘Twisty Baby’ or ‘Lace Lady’   z          

A fantastic specimen tree to 30 ft.  The most twisted trunks, branches and twigs of any tree.  Like ‘Harry Lauder Walking Stick’ but with the delicate leaves.  Shows the form summer and winter.  A wowser.

TROBPTB………2 – 2 ½ ft.  $30.00………3 – 3 ½ ft.  $40.00


T-RHUS TIGER EYES LIG BRITT MARIEjpeg.jpg (92760 bytes)Rhus t. ‘Tiger Eyes’             z     

Knock-your-socks-off colors.  In spring, chartreuse; summer, bright yellow and fall, blazing scarlet.  10 to 12 feet high.

TRHUTTE………………2 gal.  15 – 18” high  $26.00

NEW ’11  Rhus copalina ‘Lanham’s Purple’   z 4  sun, part shade

Red-purple leaves with brilliant scarlet fall color.

3 – 4’  $35


NEW ’11  Salix babylonica ‘Crispa’ (Ram’s Horn Willow)   z 4  sun, part shade

Mid-size tree with dark green leaves curled in a circle.

2 gallon  39.00  

T-Salix i. Flamingo.jpg (13715 bytes)Salix integra ‘Flamingo’    z 4          

Much more colorful than ‘Hakura Nishiki!’

TSALIF……………………2 gal.  $25.00……………5 gal.  $35.00

Salix integra ‘Hakura Nashiki’     z 5            

Spectacular white and pink foliage in spring.  In summer, some green creeps in.  These are a spectacular ornamental with a 6’ stem and already full 3’ heads.  They are about 9’ and grow to 12’ with heads 7’ diameter.

TSALHNS………………………1 gal.  $25.00     2 gal.  $35.00

Sciadopitys verticullata ‘Ossarios Gold’ z 5b

(Japanese Umbrella Pine) An upright pyramidal tree with whorls of thick, bright yellow needles. To 20’ high. Formal, full look; grows 6” a year and dazzles. Extremely rare. The brightest gold umbrella pine.

TSCIVOG………………..…….......……...3 yr. grafts  $120.00

NEW ’11  Sciadopitys vert. ‘Wintergreen’         z 5  sun

A select variety of the Japanese umbrella pine with brighter green needles than species.  Grows slowly to 35 ft. in as many years.  These pines form a precise pyramid with needles so dense there is no spaces.  The queen of pines.

2 to 2 ½ ft. tall    $52  

Sciadopitys verticullata ‘Variegata’ 

Japanese umbrella pine noted for its formal look.  A pyramid of thick, shiny, dark green whorls of needles.  This one has irregular variegation of yellow needles mixed with the green.  Extremely rare.

TSCIVV……………………..………...…………3 yr. grafts  $70.00

styrax fragrant frosted emerald.jpg (5595 bytes)NEW ’13  Styrax j. ‘Fragrant Frosted Emerald’   

Variegated with generous amounts of white on green leaves on this snowbell.  Holds up well in heat.

styrax japonica evening light.jpg (39534 bytes)NEW ’13  Styrax j. ‘Evening Light’ ppaf   

New selection of snowbell with purple leaves and white flowers.  A strong grower.


sycoparottia semidecidua variegata.jpg (12975 bytes)NEW ’13  Sycoparottia semidecidua ‘Variegata’   

Early leaves are bright yellow and green, more subtle later, on this medium to large sized cross between sycopsis and parrotia trees.

T - Golden Eclipse jpeg.jpg (71832 bytes) Syringea reticulata ’Golden Eclipse’ p.p.a.f. z 3 A 2003 U.S.A. exclusive! A beautiful new tree lilac from Canada to 20’ high with creamy-white typical lilac flowers late spring to early summer. The leaves emerge light green with a small dark green center and gradually change to bright gold with a small dark green center.

TSYRRGE……………………...…...………………...7—8’ $100.00

taxodium dist Falling waters.jpg (94371 bytes)ReNEW ’14  Taxodium distichum  pendula ‘Falling Waters’   z4     N

Deciduous, weeping conifer 20’ by 8’ wide.  Beautiful bald cypress native with upright leader and severely weeping.  Orange-bronze fall foliage.

2 - 4 ft. $45       4 - 5 ft. $65         5 - 6 ft. $75

NEW ’12  Taxodium distichum 'Gee Wizz'        

New broom with a dwarf, horizontal habit.  Delicate layered look.

$37 - $45 

Thuja occidentalis ‘Wansdyke Silver’ (American Arborvitae) z 4-9

A striking Dwarf Arborvitae to 5-7’ high by 2’ wide with silver white variegation and loose thread like foliage makes a striking statement in the garden.

TTHUOWS…………………1 gal.  $17     2 gal $25    3 gal. $35.00

Thuja plicata standishi ‘Green Giant’ z 5-9

A new hybrid cedar that is reported to grow 3-5’ a yr., keep its dark green color in winter. Grows 30-50’ and is deer and disease resistant. Grows in dense narrow pyramid without shearing. Good for specimens, wind breaks, screening to name a few uses.

TTHUPXS………2 gal.  $20     2 1/2 - 3 1/2' $35 - $50.00

Ulmus ‘Camperdown’     z       

A favorite specimen tree.  Grows like a big umbrella with weeping branches.  A fabulous look..  Matures at 12’ high.

TULMC………………….….15 gal.  7 to 8 ft. high   $120.00

Ulmus elegantissima ‘Jacqueline Hillier’ z 5b

A beautiful dwarf elm with compact growth and thumbnail size close-spaced leaves. Not variegated, but still a neat tree.

TULELJH……………………..…………………………2 gal. $40.00

T-Ulmus g p Camperdownii.jpg (18149 bytes) Ulmus glabra pendula ’Camperdownia’ Weeping ‘Camperdown’ Elm z 4 On a 6’ standard, will grow to 9’ - 15’ tall by 9’ - 12’ wide. Spectacular specimen for a show-off place in your landscape, in and out of leaf. Forms an umbrella silhouette.  Trunk and branches grow in a zig-zag pattern and the tree grows in an asymmetrical, erratic, wonderfully weeping manner that will ‘knock your socks off’.

TULMGPC……….………………………...……….6’ - 7’ $135.00

NEW ’12 Ulmus hollandica ‘Wredei’ 

 Columnar beauty with bright yellow overlapping leaves.  Best if provided with afternoon shade.

NEW ’12 Ulmus parvifolia 'Seiju'

Dwarf with tiny, glossy leaves.  Bark is deeply fissured starting at 2 yrs.

$25 - $32

Ulmus p. argenteo ‘Variegata’                      z 5b               

A fast growing English elm with round leaves with bold patterns of white, lime green and dark green; streaked, splashed and speckled on all leaves.  Lots of white in the pattern.  This rivals any variegated tree. 

ULMPAV………….....……………………………….5-6’  $80.00

Ulmus wredei ’Gold Leaf’  z 4 –8

Small, fast growing elm with small, bright gold leaves.

TULMWGOL……….………………………...……….24 - 30"  $25.00

“Japanese Elm” is listed as Zelkova  

Zelkova serrata ‘Goshiki’        z 5                          

Japanese elm.  The best of the variegated elms.  A small moderate grower with small dark green leaves with a wide white edge.  ‘Goshiki is one of the best of all variegated trees.

TZELSGO…2 gal.  $45.00        30-36"  $60     6' - 7' specimens $85 - $100.00

NEW ’13  Zelkova ‘Green Mansions’   z 5-8  

White edges on these finely cut leaves make this a standout.  Vigorous, grows to 20 ft. in as many years.  Doesn’t burn in sun.

NEW ’12 Zelkova serrata ‘Nire’        z 5                          

Tiny leaf form of this bonsai.  Twiggy habit. 

NEW ’12 Zelkova serrata ‘Ogon’        z 5                          

Rare.  Rich yellow new growth.  Yellow in the fall, golden yellow bark.

3'   $29 

NEW ’14  Zelkova ‘Variegata’  z5  sun  part shade 

Similar to ‘Goshiki’ but a stonger grower.  A beautiful tree.

4 - 5 ft. $50         5 - 6 ft. $65


Bonsai.jpg (43715 bytes)Bonsai & Specimen Stone

11-year-old dwarf Spruce; 1/2" to 3/4" trunks.  

BONSPR............................................................................8" high  $40.00

 Pre-Bonsai Trees.  Group of 20 to 40-year old Kingsville dwarf Boxwood Trees.

12-16" high  $50.00-$100.00

Aged prehistoric rock formations & creations, 5 to 200 lbs.  Perfect for bonsai or specimens.  Unique one-of-a-kind.    $30.00 to $200.00