Shipping & Ordering Info

Normally, we ship on Mon. - Thurs. during the times of May 1 to June 30 and Sept. 1 to Nov. 15, weather permitting. Hostas, daylilies, and some other plants can be shipped in summer if the weather is mild. We will ship plant orders in the order we receive them, unless a date is specified.  Due to climate differences in deep southern states, such as Florida, we recommend Fall orders when growing conditions are more favorable and plants are usually larger and more resistant to problems. 

* NEW * Ordering Info

Minimum plant order is $50.00, excluding shipping and handling. Fill out the order form completely, including the phone number; we cannot ship plants without it. Be sure to include the name and address of the person plants are being shipped to. If any size or plant substitutions are acceptable, fill in the substitution section. Fill in the preferred shipping date if applicable. Fill in a telephone # where you may be reached if we need to discuss shipping changes. If you order plants that are out of stock, check whether you want them put on backorder for fall shipment or not. List all plants wanted by quantity, code, item, price, and total. Orders must be accompanied by full payment. Payment can be made by check, money order, Master Card, Visa, American Express or Discover card. Fill in credit card information if applicable. Payment will be processed at the time plants are reserved for you. We do not ship COD. If you need to change your order, we need to know at least one week prior to shipping.

Occasionally, we may have a plant in stock in April, charge for it, and lose the plant due to weather or other causes. (In 2003, we had a hard freeze May 28, a month later than normal.) If this happens, we will immediately adjust the charge.

Our Guarantee

All plants are guaranteed to be true to name and healthy when shipped. Once shipped they become your property. Damage, delay, and loss in transit is the responsibility of the carrier service and they should be notified immediately. They will require inspection of plants and boxes if a problem exists. If there is a problem that originated at the nursery, contact me within 7 days and we will either replace, credit or refund the plants.

Receiving and Unpacking

We will notify you of shipping date and estimated time of arrival. If you will not be home, notify carrier to leave plants out of sun. Unpack your plants at once; the quicker you do this, the less stress on the plants. Check order to be sure you received all plants and if anything is missing, check packing material carefully. (I have left plants hidden by packing material in boxes before.)  Prior to planting, provide good air circulation, keep them out of sun, and check for water. Plant in garden as soon as possible. Its best if not planting in the garden immediately, to pot plants in small pots with very porous soil mix that will keep plants moist but not wet and water only when needed. More plants are killed by over watering than under watering.

To ship plants, we remove them from pots, remove some soil, and package the plants in plastic.  If you would like the plants shipped in their pots, there will be an additional shipping charge.

Packing and Shipping Charges

Shipping costs are the specified percentages of the total plant order excluding taxes.  (Minimum plant order is $50.00.)

Area 1 New England States & NY, NJ, PA       30% of plant order; $25 min.

Area 2 All states east of Mississippi River           35% of plant order; $30 min.

Area 3 Continental states west of Mississippi       45% of plant order; $40 min. 

*Any states requiring bare root entry of nursery stock, we recommend 2-day air which requires a box charge (please see below), 20% of plant order, plus the actual shipping charges.

Oversized Boxes

Any boxes of combined length & girth of 109 inches or over will require the Box Charge (please see below) plus 20% of plant order plus the actual shipping charges.  We will contact customers with the estimate of this charge to confirm before shipping.  

Box charges for Trees and large Shrubs over 4' (includes the root ball)

with a combined length and girth from 72" to 84"       $10 box charge

combined length and girth 85" up to 96"                     $15 box charge                  

combined length and girth 97" to 109"                        $20 box charge

combined length and girth over 109"                           $25 box charge 

Maximum shipping height is 8 1/2'.  In some cases we can trim the tops to this size, if you wish. 

Packing these larger size boxes includes placing boards in the boxes to protect the plants and hand sewing trees into the box.  Even with these additional charges, it costs more to pack and ship than we charge.  The price of shipping for us is currently increasing dramatically.  (We  will call first if charge is unusually high.)

                      Call for further directions, if needed.

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