Asian “Jack in the Pulpits” are dramatic, exotic showpieces in the shade to part-shade garden.  Some varieties have foliage to five feet high!  The flowers range from beautiful to bizarre, but all the varieties are fascinating and sure to attract attention.   All arisaemas have large clusters of bright, orange-red berries in the fall.   (sikokianum Silver Center pic at left)

 Plant Jacks in the shade or part shade about 5-6” deep in humus-rich, well-drained soil and mulch.  Arisaemas can grow one zone colder if you plant them 8 to 12 inches deep.  

Arisaemas can be shipped as dormant corms (bulbs) in March, April and early May.  Shipping costs for dormant corms are ½ of the regular cost of shipping!  (Arisaemas are also available afterwards as growing plants.)  We are taking orders now for shipping beginning in March.  Please call or fax us at 860-974-3951 with your order.  

Exotic new for 2012 “cobra lilies” concinnum, costatum, ‘Pradhanii,’ VFN clone triphyllum, ‘nepanthoides,’ ‘urashima’ ‘Magnificum,’ utile, sikkokianum, ‘Silver Center,’ more!

 All prices are for flowering size corms.

Arisaema chinense z 5b

A 5-foot tall, stately, easy to grow species. Long green spathe (flower) and dark, club-like spadix. Very rare.


NEW ’12  Arisaema concinnum    z 6-9     

Stoloniferous.  3-foot green or purple and white-striped hood; single umbrella-like leaf with extended tips. 




wpeE.jpg (128246 bytes)NEW ’11  Arisaema consanguineum   z 5-9     

Spectacular purple, brown, and white-striped hood; umbrella-like leaves with extended  tips on a snakeskin-patterned, 6-foot stem.  3 to 4-inch berry spikes in fall.  This can emerge as late as June but is one of the most spectacular plants outside of the tropics.


NEW ’12  Arisaema costatum   z 6-9     

Purple and white-striped hood with an extended tip on a tripartite leaf. 




draconitum jpeg.jpg (51319 bytes)Arisaema draconitum                    N             z 4   

A really desirable and attractive shade plant - and easy.  To 2’ high.  A hooded green flower with a long yellow tongue results in a large cluster of red berries in the fall.  Produces a nice colony in time in the woodland/shade garden.


NEW ’11  Arisaema fargeesii    z 5

Huge, shiny, 3-parted leaves can span to 3 ft. and look great to frost.  Fargeesii  is worth growing just for its foliage, some of the most striking of all arisae!  Add large, purple-striped flowers like a cobra’s head in June to July and red berries in fall. 


Re-NEW ’11  Arisaema ‘Griffithii’    z5    

24” tall, 3 part leaf and one of the strangest blooms that resembles a cobra’s hood.  Blooms in May, bright red berries in fall.  Blooming size.




 p-arisaim griffithii Pradhani.jpg (114493 bytes)Re-NEW ’12  Arisaema griffithii var. ‘Pradhanii’    z 5    

Huge, exotic-looking hood on a tripartite leaf makes a stunning garden feature. 


heterophyllum jpeg.jpg (27322 bytes)Arisaema heterophyllum z5-9

These are 3’ tall having one leaf with 15 long leaflets radiating out in a circle with a green Jack in the Pulpit flower. In Japan, this one is called a “dancing crane.”



wpe2.jpg (46594 bytes)Arisaema kishidae ‘Silver Center’                      z5-9                  

This jack is stunning all season.  Two divided leaves with probably the largest silver center and silver dots edging the center.  Looks great spring to frost.  Pale, rust-brown flower.




kiushianum jpeg.jpg (84098 bytes)NEW ’12  Arisaema kiushianum    z 5    

A dark purple flower with a tail-like spathe below a single leaf divided into 7 to 13 leaflets.


nepanthoides jpeg.jpg (29427 bytes)NEW ’12  Arisaema nepenthoides    z 6   

Very tall plant with a striped and spotted flower; a leathery, umbrella-like leaf with brown and red markings; and a snakeskin-patterned stem.



ringins jpeg.jpg (22634 bytes)NEW ’10  Arisaemas ringens z 5

An easy, vigorous Asian Jack with handsome, very glossy, 3-parted leaves and large, purple, fist-shaped flowers.  Freely offsets to form a colony.  Grows to 2 feet and stunning in flower.


Re-NEW ’12  Arisaema serratum ‘Silver Center’ z 5

To 3’ tall with two giant leaves with 7 to 12 long leaflets.  Each leaf has a large silver center all summer.  Purple-black striped flowers late spring.  Snakeskin stem.  Spectacular in or out of flower.


sikokianum jpeg.jpg (31613 bytes)Re-NEW ’12  Arisaema sikkokianum z 5

One of the most striking flowers of all the cobra lilies. This purple flower has a chocolate-colored base; a pure white inner ring; and a snow-white, golfball-shaped spadix (jack). Two five-lobed green leaves.


sikokianum Silver Centre jpeg.jpg (34631 bytes)Re-NEW ’12  Arisaema sikkokianum ‘Silver Center’ z5

Same as above, but with wide, silver-centered leaves all season.  Makes this a ‘Perfect 10.’



speciosum var magnificum jpeg.jpg (29162 bytes)NEW ’11  Arisaema spesiosum var. ‘Magnificum’   z 6    

A giant form of speciosum to 3-feet high.  Very large, red-purple flowers below the tripartate leaves. 


thumbergii subsp urahima jpeg.jpg (96572 bytes)Re-NEW ’12  Arisaema thumbergii subsp. urashima z5-9

An easy and vigorous cobra lily which has a single leaf with up to 15 long leaflets radiating out from a spiraling cord-like vein. The purple pitcher flower has a purple whip-like spadix that emerges upward to 15” long. This one is weirdly wonderful and wonderfully weird.


tortuosum jpeg.jpg (5877 bytes)NEW ’12  Arisaema tortuosum  z 6    

A tall jack with 2 leaves divided into many long, narrow leaflets topped by a long, green flower.  The spadix is long and narrow like a buggy whip and the stem has snakeskin, mottled markings.



Arisaeman TrifoliumMegoz.JPG (396062 bytes)NEW ’12  Arisaema triphyllum     z 4     

VFN clone.  Brown and yellow-striped hood with a brown jack and purple-blue stems.  3-feet high. 


NEW ’11  Arisaema utile     z 5

One of the showiest!  A single, trifoliate, green leaf with maroon veins and a cobra-like maroon hood with white stripes.


Arisaema yamatense z 6-9

To 3’ tall, this perennial has a boldly mottled purple and white snakeskin patterned stem with two leaves and a handsome flower. The flower has a white base, pastel green outside, white and green stripes inside and a white spadix with a green tipped flower. The bloom is 6”. A stunner in the garden!








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