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Grows Best in Full Sun

Grows Best in Part Sun/Part Shade

Grows Best in Shade
Select cultivars of natives to North America

Potentially invasive nonnative in CT area



Non-hardy plants that are often treated as annuals. Most can be overwintered indoors.

NEW ’14 Begonia semperflorens 'Whopper Red Bronze Leaf'         z 8   shade

2 gal.  $12

NEW ’14  Brugmansia  suav. ‘Variegata’   z8    sun, part shade      

Gorgeous 8-ft. tall plant with white & green variegated foliage and large, trumpet-shaped, white blooms.

2 gal.  $18

Re-NEW ’10 Canna variegata ‘Pretoria’         z 7   sun in cooler zones

Dig up in fall and store in barely moist peat moss 40 – 50 degrees F.  40” tall specimen plant with vivid cream, yellow and green stripes and orange flowers all season.  Great focal point in pots, on the patio, or in the garden.

1 gal. $7.95          2 gal.  $9.95

Re-NEW ’11  Canna ‘Stuttgart’  

Large 40” high canna with green foliage with major white splashing up to ½ white with light orange flowers.

6 qt.  $15

NEW ’14  Colocasia e. 'Royal Hawaiian Black Coral'  pp23896   z7b part shade  

4 ft. high elephant ear with huge, glossy, jet black leaves with deep blue veins on black stems.  Overwinter indoors.  Another knock-your-socks-off focal point for patio or garden.

gal.  $12      2 gal.  $16    

NEW ’14  Fragaria ‘Gisana’ Strawberry

Ever-bearing strawberry bears sweet, juicy fruits summer through fall.  This variety has large, deep pink flowers, dark green leaves and forms runners.  My favorite use is in a cobalt-blue strawberry pot.  Imagine admiring a lovely focal point while eating some delicious berries. 

qt.  $3      3 for $7.50

NEW ’14  Musa ‘Siam Ruby’  Banana   z9 

6 to 8 feet high in a pot.  Brilliant ruby-red leaves with a few green stripes.  Pinch top to make a lower, fuller pot.  Overwinter indoors.  An eye-blinding focal point for patio or garden.

gal.  $12      2 gal.  $16    

NEW ’14  Nasturtium ‘Variegated Queen’  

Trailing plant to 6 ft. or 12” tall with gorgeous variegated foliage and mixed-color flowers.  Blooms all summer and fall.  Leaves and flowers are edible and delicious in salads and as a garnish for many dishes (have a light peppery taste).

qt.  $5.95            2 qt.  $7.50

NEW ’14  Pelargonium ‘Vancouver Centennial’     sun

Chartreuse and maroon foliage and red flowers.

2 qt.  $8.95

NEW ’14  Ricinus communis ‘Carmencita’   z8    sun

Castor Oil Bean (seeds are poisonous)  6 to 8-ft. high bold, tropical look.  Large, maple-shaped chocolate-colored leaves with red veins and cherry-red seed pods.  (Remove seed pods before they drop seeds and save for next year or destroy.)

gal.  $8.95            2 gal.  $12

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