Plants for Alpines, Troughs and Rock Gardens

NEW ’13  Dianthus 'Edgehog’ ppaf    z 3-9     

Creamy margins outline lovely, 4" high, blue-green foliage; hot pink, fragrant, semi-double blooms abound May - August!   Spreads 12 - 14", makes a stunning ground cover and great in rock gardens, along paths.  2 qt.  $9.95



NEW ’11 Acanea intermis ‘Purpurea’  z 5   sun,   part shade

Delicate, purple-bronze foliage.

1 qt. $6.50  

NEW ’12  Ajuga ‘Dixie Chip’   z4     sun, part shade, shade

Dwarf ajuga with burgundy, cream, and green  foliage. 

quart   $6.95  

NEW ’11 Ajuga ‘Metalica Crispa’  z 3   sun,   part shade,  shade

6” high with green and deep purple, crinkled foliage and deep blue flowers May/June.

1 qt. $5.00  

Ajugas ‘Pink Lightning,’ & ‘Silver Beauty;’

Alchemilla ‘Alpina;’ 

Arabis ‘Variegata;’ 

Armeria ‘Bloodstone;’

NEW ’11 Aubrieta ‘Dr. Mules Variegata’  z 5   sun

Spreading mats of cream-edged green foliage.  Pinkish-purple flowers in spring.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Androsace s. lanuginosus  z 4   part shade

Low silvery foliage mounds covered by soft pink blooms in summer.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Arabis f. c. ‘Variegata’  z 3   sun, part shade

Flat globes of striking green and white variegated foliage.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Armeria ‘Rosa Stoltz’  z 3   sun

Tiny grass-like evergreen hummocks covered by 3”-high lavender flowers, spring to summer and fall.

1 qt. $6.50  

NEW ’13 Asplenum trichomanes   z 3   part sun, shade

Tiny, dainty-leaved fern with 4"  to 10" arching fronds.

 NEW ’11 Campanula coch. ‘Bavaria Blue’  z 3   sun, part shade

4”-high delicate leaves with blue flowers most of the season.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Campanula coch. ‘Bavaria White’  z 3   sun, part shade

A spreading 4-5” high evergreen with white flowers most of the season.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Campanula ‘Samantha’  z 5   sun, part shade

Blue-violet flowers from March to September.  Very fragrant, low growing.

2 qt. $9.95

NEW ’11 Campanula port. ‘Stella’  z 3   sun, part shade

6 to 8” high with lilac-blue flowers with white centers.  Blooms June to September.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Campanula rotundifolia ‘White Gem’  z 3   sun, part shade

12” high stems with white bell flowers.  Can survive extreme dry conditions.

2 qt. $9.95

NEW ’11 Carex caryophylla ‘Beatlemania’   z 5   part shade

6” high by up to 24” wide, fine textured dark green leaves with a gold edge.

1 qt. $6.50  

Cymbalaria 'Snow Wave'

NEW ’11  Cymbalaria muralis ‘Snow Wave’ ppaf  z 4         part sun, shade

A beautiful, 3" high, variegated kenilworth ivy with tiny, 1/2-inch green leaves with broad white edges.  Small white flowers in summer are an afterthought.   Hardy and fast grower for ground cover, walls, hanging baskets and containers.

1 qt.  $7.95            2 qt.  $10


NEW ’13  Dianthus 'Edgehog’ ppaf    z 3-9     

Creamy margins outline lovely, 4" high, blue-green foliage; hot pink, fragrant, semi-double blooms abound May - August!   Spreads 12 - 14", makes a stunning ground cover and great in rock gardens, along paths.


NEW ’11 Dianthus ‘Petite’   z 4   sun

Small, tight, silver cushions bear delicate pink flowers on short 8” to 10” stems throughout summer

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Erigeron glaucus ‘Sea Breeze’   z 5   sun    part shade

A tight form with dense grey-green foliage and daisy-like, pink centered yellow flowers June to September. 

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Erodium reichardii   z 6   sun   

Only 1 – 2” tall with a 10” spread.  Small, heart-shaped leaves, delicate white flowers late spring through summer. 

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Herniaria g. 'Sea Foam'         z 5  

Tough performing, delicate looking, 1" high by 12" ground cover with tiny, white-edged, green leaves.  Great for groundcover, troughs and planters.

1 qt. $8.00          2 qt.  $10.00

NEW ’13  Isotomoa fluviatilis    

“Blue Star Creeper” forms a mat of sky-blue flowers all summer long.  Prefers moist soil. 

 NEW ’11  Oenethera s. incana 'Silver Blade'   z 4   N    

6 to 10" high with silvery-blue leaves with huge, clear yellow flowers May to frost.   Needs good drainage, drought tolerant.  Good for gardens and troughs. 

2 qt.  $8.95            3 qt.  $12.00

NEW ’11 Petrorhagia sax.  z 5     

4 to 6" high trailing plants with small, double pink flowers all summer.  Good in the garden, troughs and trailing out of containers.

1 qt. $6.00          2 qt.  $8.00

Phlox a. ‘Variegata’ carmine-red flowers, brightly variegated foliage.  Native!

Raoulia aus. ‘Hookeri’

NEW ’11 Saponeria ‘Bressingham’   z 3   sun,   part shade   

8” semi-evergreen mat has masses of small, pink flowers June-September.

1 qt. $6.50  


Sedums album ssp. Micranthum, anglicum ‘Love’s Triangle;’

NEW ’11 Sedum cauticola ‘Likadense’   z 3   sun

3-4” low cushions of beautiful blue-grey leaves with purple edges.   Pink flowers in September.

1 qt. $6.50  

Sedum dasyphyllum

NEW ’11 Sedum hokonense ‘Chocolate Ball’   z 7   sun

2 to 3” tall brown-red foliage.  Yellow flowers June to September.

2 qt. $8.00

NEW ’11 Sedum jap. senanense   z 3   sun

1” high species with bright red leaves in sun.  Blooms in sun.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum kamchaticum ‘The Edge’   z 4   sun   part shade

A clump-forming sedum with yellow-edged leaves, yellow flowers in summer.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum kamchaticum ‘Variegatum’   z 3   sun

6” high with leaves with white margins that turn creamy-yellow in midsummer.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum makinoi ‘Ogon’   z 6   sun

A low growing sedum with bright yellow leaves; pink, yellow, green leaves in fall.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum pachyclados z 3   sun

Tiny grey-blue evergreen foliage forms compact hummocks.  Silvery-pink flowers in summer.  Hardy.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum reflexum ‘Blue spruce’   z 3   sun

Dense fleshy needle-like foliage similar to a blue spruce.  Evergreen in zone 5.  Bright yellow flowers mid-summer.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sedum sexangulare   z 3   sun

4” high fine foliage that turns to burnt copper in full sun.

2 qt. $9.95

NEW ’11 Sedum spurium ‘John Creech’   z 3   sun

2” tall lovely rosettes. Pink flowers in June.

1 qt. $6.50  

NEW ’13  Sempervivum ‘Brownii’    

Olive green “Hen and Chickens” with claret tips.

NEW ’11 Sempervivum ‘Fame Monstrose’   z 3   sun

Thick red and pale green foliage.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Sempervivum ‘Fuego’   z 3   sun

Smooth red outer leaves.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Silene shafta ‘Persian Carpet’   z 5   sun   part shade

6”-high cushions of lance-shaped green foliage.  Vivid pink flowers June through September.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Spergularia rubra   z 5   sun   part shade

Ground hugging plants with little pink carnation-like flowers May to October.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Thymus ‘Highland Cream’  z 3   sun  

Tiny, prostate green and gold foliage.  Pale pink flowers in summer.  Drought tolerant.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’11 Veronica repens ‘Sunshine’   z 4  sun   part shade

1 to 2” high, bright gold to chartreuse foliage all season.

1 qt. $6.50

NEW ’13  Waldsteinia ternata    z 4-7

Small yellow flowers in April-May just over the 6” high evergreen foliage.  Good groundcover for part shade.  Drought tolerant once established.